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New Product Stewardship regulations take effect in Canada's Northwest Territories

1st Feb 2016

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Requirements include the following:

  • Registration as a distributor
  • Collection of an environmental handling surcharge on all designated electronics sold/distributed
  • Reporting and remittance of surcharges
  • Maintaining accurate records

Categories of electronics and their associated surcharges are shown in the table below:

Category of electronics Surcharge
Computers (CPU) and servers $10.50
Portable computers $3
Display devices (less than 30”) $12.25
Display devices (30” to 45”) $24.50
Display devices (greater than 45”) $40
Desktop printing, copying, scanning and faxing devices $8
Floor standing printing, copying, scanning and faxing devices $40

The surcharge collected will help to cover the costs of the electronics recycling program. These include payments to NWT depot operators and processing centres and the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) who have been contracted by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) to register distributors, collect environmental fees and support compliance.

The partnership between Environment and Natural Resources (the GNWT department responsible for compliance with the regulations) and Alberta Recycling has ensured that the program has been closely aligned with Alberta’s recycling program. This means that, a distributor registered in Alberta, will simply need to expand on what they are already doing in Alberta to be in compliance with the NWT program.  

The compliance model used follows three stages. Firstly, Alberta Recycling conducts compliance reviews of distributors and contacts those who are non-compliant. If no action is subsequently taken, non-compliant distributors will receive a letter from the GNWT’s Chief Environmental Protection Officer. If an informed distributor still chooses not to comply, ENR officers will enforce the Regulations through penalties enabled in the Waste Reduction and Recovery Act. These include fines up to $50,000 and a six month term of imprisonment.

Companies who are not currently registered with the program should contact Alberta Recycling for a registration package and further information.

For more information on how we can help, please visit our Extended Producer Responsibility module page or contact us for a walkthrough.  

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