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Material Chemical and Product Compliance

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)

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The Challenge

EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector which evaluates electronic products relative to environmental criteria. The program provides verification for purchasers to find sustainable products and services.

EPEAT identifies registered products in 1 of 3 environmental performance tiers: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Producers must meet all required criteria in addition to at least 14 optional criteria to achieve a Gold certificate. The criteria range from the amount of mercury used in certain applications to verification of conformity to indoor air quality emission requirements.

How we solve it

The Compliance Map platform includes full, centralised support for the Green Electronics Council energy standard by:


  • Enabling the automatic assignment of products to EPEAT categories, exposing the relevant criteria for assessment
  • Automatically assigning answers to EPEAT criteria from other parts of the platform (such as conformity to EU REACH, RoHS, use of mercury, lead, etc…)
  • Roll-up of verdicts based on the EPEAT criteria to determine whether Gold, Silver or Bronze status is achieved
  • Reporting of assessment criteria progress and full responses

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