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compliance software

Compliance Management

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A systematic approach to Compliance and Certificate management provides vital preparedness for new product introductions and ongoing conformity assessments.

What is a Compliance Management System?

A Compliance Management System (or CMS) enables you to demonstrate conformity to regulatory and industry standards, as well as corporate codes and best practice.

A CMS covers all aspects of compliance, including trade and product compliance, addressing environmental, social and governance risks. It is an integrated system of documentation, processes, people and tools to meet legal requirements and deliver stakeholder expectations efficiently and effectively.



Compliance map offer a Compliance Management System that allows you to maintain a register of global legislation and standards
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Is a Compliance Management System necessary?

A CMS enables you to implement your compliance values through key performance indicators.

Having an effective CMS in place enables you to improve the sustainability of your business by identifying and managing risks and improving opportunities. It demonstrates good governance to investors, customers, employees and regulators, enhancing your reputation and credibility.

An automated solution will minimise the resources required to manage compliance by improving data quality, data analysis, reporting and communication. A software solution can also integrate with other business processes and operational requirements, including auditing, training and emergency planning.

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Our CMS software solution

Our Compliance Management System allows you to maintain a register of global legislation and standards with summaries of requirements, contacts and links tailored to your business as well as key deliverables for tracking compliance at multiple levels:

  • Corporate and/or company level
  • Site and/or facility level
  • Project and/or business unit level
  • Product level

It can be used by your legal team to manage and keep up-to-date with current and forthcoming legislation. It can also be used to identify compliance obligations for key sites or products and associated actions. These actions can then be tracked and reported on to enable management decision-making.

Integration with other Compliance Map modules

Our CMS is fully integrated with other Compliance Map modules as deliverables can be linked to policies, due diligence practices, compliance verdicts and audit status information contained in the system.

  • Governance Module links legislation and standards with corporate strategy and communication of policies
  • RoHS, REACH, Prop65, CLP and TSCA modules return chemical compliance verdicts and supporting evidence
  • Conflict Minerals and Supply chain Transparency modules evidence due diligence practices
  • Audit management module tracks supply chain compliance
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CMS expertise and support

Our in-house consultancy team monitors changes to existing and upcoming legislation and ensures that the software is up to date, as well as being prepared for changes not yet in force.

Our regulatory experts can provide guidance on setting up your CMS and offer a range of free resources, including whitepapers and webinars.

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How does the Compliance Map CMS Software meet international best practice?

Our CMS has been designed with reference to ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management Systems.

It includes a legal register that will also be useful for adherence to other environmental and health and safety standards including, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management.

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