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The Challenge

Communication to management on the effectiveness of your organisation’s compliance and supply chain programs is essential for ongoing success.

As regulatory compliance proliferates, information gathering exercises expand requiring the need to analyse ever growing sets of data, compliance flags and reports. As a result the challenge to identify risks, gaps in data and quality issues becomes ever more difficult.

How we solve it

Our Compliance Analytics allow you to visualise your own data and convert reports into graphical executive summaries.


The Analytics module allows users to intelligently break down supplier responses, compliance roll-ups / exposure and quality indicators to rapidly determine and communicate risk areas to your team and management.

Our Analytics module

Through a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, users can select metrics of interest and design graphs to quickly highlight data gaps or performance issues. Out-of-box analytics, such as Supplier Performance Rankings, are available as guides to design your own visualisations.

  • Rapidly create your own reports using drag and drop of compliance objects and other datasets
  • Visualize any dataset using a myriad of different graphing and series options
  • Save your data visualisations as dashboard widgets to be shared with other users and user groups
  • Save reports to run periodically and notify you and other users of changed datasets

Rapid Prototyping

Visualise your compliance in seconds


Export or share your graph visualisation through dashboard widgets or reports

Ease of use

Intuitively drag and drop the compliance objects you are interested in and start building your analytics

Get in touch to find out how our Analytics Module can help you meet your regulatory obligations

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