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Environmental and Sustainability Statement

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We are committed to a continuous improvement cycle in all business activities and operate our business in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.

Our policy demonstrates a commitment to both the protection of the environment and evaluating the impact that our organisation’s services can have. This page describes our environmental, social and community lead key initiatives.

Our initiatives

Compliance Map aims to integrate environmental and sustainable considerations in all aspects of our business operations.

Some of our main initiatives include:

  • Employee travel and meetings Compliance Map Ltd is a global company and employee travel is an important factor to our business. We reduce and minimize the need for travelling by leveraging virtual collaboration tools and elongated planning windows. Where travel is necessary, we encourage stakeholders to choose the environmental low impact travel options.
  • Cloud services and Carbon Neutrality A core facet to Compliance Map is the deployment of software solutions to the cloud. We choose infrastructure service partners and platform providers with a comprehensive sustainable energy policy and seek carbon-neutral infrastructure options for our customers' Compliance Map instances.
  • Employee wellbeing The wellbeing, health and safety of our employees and contractors is a principal component to our core competency. We aim to provide a workplace that is dynamic and rewarding. As part of this initiative, we operate an agile working policy with flexible working options for our staff, a living wage and feedback systems to continually improve employee experience. As a result we operate with low staff turnover well below industry averages.
  • Corporate Transparency As a stakeholder led business, transparency to our operations and corporate culture facilitates a core tenant to our business which is a partnership philosophy with customers, suppliers and staff. The major improvements to our products are a direct result of actively listening to customers and agents and integrating improvements shared across our services and product lines. This behavior effects trusted relationships for all parties and ensures positive growth for our organization
  • Supply chain traceability In addition to environmental compliance management, Compliance Map assists businesses in visibility and traceability by providing solutions to protect human rights in the supply chain in the form of Conflict Minerals surveying and reporting.

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