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Conflict Minerals

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Conflict Minerals
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The Challenge

The Dodd Frank SEC Conflict Minerals legislation requires companies to comprehend and subsequently disclose the use of minerals (3TG) in conflict areas such as the DRC in order to protect human rights in the supply chain.

In the EU, importers of 3TG must conduct due diligence to reduce the risks associated with conflict minerals. Whether or not you fall under the SEC reporting requirements or EU legislation, almost every company is impacted by the requirements of reporting the presence of conflict minerals within their supply chain. Unlike chemical restriction regulations, an organisation must interrogate their entire supply chain to find the ultimate source of the minerals they use. This requires a significant effort in campaigning and analysis of data.

How we solve it

Compliance Map is a member of the RMI and adopts its methodology for the management of Conflict Minerals including support for the CMRT/EMRT for both data gathering and reporting.

Automation of Conflict Minerals management can be achieved through:

  • Supplier Portals or Email workflows to solicit your supply chain for CMRTs/EMRTs
  • Validate all inbound responses for completeness and accuracy using user adjustable rules based on smelter status and customer usage
  • Provide automated warnings and messages to suppliers for guidance for improvement in future campaigns
  • Report on smelters used within suppliers, parts and products
  • Produce outbound CMRTs/EMRTs to respond to customer communications
Our Conflict Minerals module

Compliance Map offers solutions to train your suppliers, gather the necessary smelter information and build reporting to fulfil SEC, EU and customer requirements and downstream data enquiries.

RMI Vendor Member

Conflict Minerals
  • Providing surveying solutions to query your entire supply chain for Conflict Mineral data and leveraging the RMI methodology and CMRT/EMRT reporting template to standardize communication
  • Automating the RCOI validation against received CMRT/EMRT supplier responses
  • Using verdicts to flag the presence of Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold and Micain your Bill of Materials and combine with supply chain responses to assess and report on the status of products, parts, suppliers and smelters
  • Automatic validation of CMRT/EMRT forms received with the capability to produce outbound CMRT/EMRT forms at corporate or product level
  • Offering a rich, transparent audit trail of all processes, communication and collateral of your Conflict Minerals campaign
  • Monitoring RMI lists and updates to the CMRT/EMRT so you always have the very latest smelter lists and support for the latest form versions
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Conflict Minerals

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