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Material Chemical and Product Compliance

REACH Compliance Software

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The Challenge

REACH is one of the most complex pieces of legislation enacted by the EU with the purpose of safeguarding human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals.


REACH requires producers of articles to:

  • Comply with communication of SVHCs to customers and consumers as part of the Article 33 requirements
  • Notify ECHA if an SVHC is present in articles over 1 tonne per producer annually in a concentration greater than 0.1% by weight of the article,
  • Ensure that restricted chemicals are used only as permitted as listed in Annex XVII

As a result, the obligations of REACH require a systematic approach to the gathering and management of SVHC data as well as the correct and prompt communication to customers and consumers.

How we solve it

As part of the substance control engine of CMAP, REACH verdicts are calculated from the SVHC, Registry of Intent, Authorised, Restricted and Proposed list of SVHCs to give you an accurate view of your REACH obligations and potential risk areas.

Compliance Map monitors any changes by ECHA to these lists ensuring that your instance of CMAP is up-to-date and always reflects the latest state of the regulation.

Data is automatically gathered from your suppliers either through:

  • Supplier Portals
  • Mail workflow campaigns
  • 3rd party database integrations

Once REACH declarations are received, the system will automatically roll-up all REACH verdicts and enable users to produce outbound customer letter declarations as well as reporting notifications. The system will also automatically re-trigger campaign requests once an updated SVHC candidate list is released by ECHA.

Our REACH module

The CMAP platform provides automation to gather your REACH declarations from suppliers, attach the data to BOMs synchronised from your PLM/ERP systems and then roll-up and report and discrepancies and non-conformities.

  • SVHC management: Every substance list provided by ECHA is monitored and kept up-to-date automatically when changes are detected so you don’t have to manually supervise updates
  • The system tracks SVHCs and determines whether a chemical is above .1% w/w of an article automatically and notifies users of any changes
  • The Data Exchange and Collection module complements our REACH offering by facilitating the gathering of REACH data automatically through email workflows, portals and system-to-system integrations
  • Full support for industry standard material declarations (such as IPC1752A/B, IPC1753, IPC1754, IEC 62474) as well as custom forms
  • When gathering material declarations, CMAP will track the quality of data provided and flag high risk parts for renewed data gathering on the introduction of new SVHCs
  • To meet your obligations under REACH, CMAP offers comprehensive notification reporting services and publication to a customer portal so you remain proactive in offering updated material declarations

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