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The Challenge

Clear and effective policy making with the abundance of regulations, standards and directives affecting your organisation requires significant effort.

Not only must you catalogue the various obligations your company faces when placing products on global markets, but your approach to compliance must be documented and effectively communicated within your various departments and business units. Centralised management of regulatory policies and project management to develop those policies needs to be handled effectively.

Compliance Governance

How we solve it

The Compliance Map Governance Module allows you to undertake the task of drafting and subsequently communicating your company’s regulatory stance and policy to the wider organisation and interested stakeholders.

By enabling a centralised depot of compliance information, stakeholders can be assigned and notified to contribute and sign-off on your organisational policy to manage any regulation which is then communicated to the wider business.

  • A centralised repository of regulations, directives and standards alongside your corporate strategy and policy to manage them
  • Project Management tools to assign tasks, issue notifications and escalations to individuals and stakeholders responsible for the contribution of new and existing policies
  • Automatic and triggered communication of your policies to employees, managers, stakeholders and any interested person within your business unit, organisation or external 3rd party
  • Integrate with your supplier and customer portal to signal unambiguous messages of your compliance strategy


  • Regulatory and standard lists can be uploaded in bulk
  • Risk appetite and other organisational specific factors can be imported and integrated into policy production


  • Tasks can be assigned to users from various departments to contribute towards policies
  • Dashboard indicators provide a live status on the development and approval of all policies


  • Notifications are automatically published when policies are due to expire and must be reviewed
  • Automatic report publication to stakeholders on changes and approvals

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