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Windchill Product Analytics (WPA)

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Migrating from WPA

With the retirement of WPA, Compliance Map is the ideal candidate as a drop-in replacement whilst offering significant new features.

Compliance Map can enhance your environmental compliance and supply chain programme with features including Analytics, Mail Campaign management, and customer material declaration/CoC builds.

Migration to CMAP from WPA involves processing standard ETL scripts which copies and transforms the following types of data into your CMAP environment:

  • Substance / Substance Group and Material Content data – Including custom entries collected through IPC solicitation
  • Supplier and Part data – This can be synchronized through an automatic PTC Windchill interface or downloaded from WPA as a 1 time extract
  • Documents – All documents, including IPC1752A files can be extracted and stored in CMAP. In addition, CMAP can re-extract the data directly from the XML instead of relying on the composition data stored in the WPA database

Improving your business processes

Compliance Map can automatically migrate all your WPA IPC, substance and part data.

Our OOB Windchill PTC PLM connector from Fishbowl offers a seamless integration of your BOM, Part and AML data for the Compliance Map system to calculate RoHS and REACH compliance as well as Prop65, POPs, PFAs, and much more.

All migrated data from WPA is stored in CMAP to calculate your compliance verdicts and can be used for future supplier data request campaigns.

The results of calculations and roll-ups can also be sent back to PTC Windchill automatically if your engineers wish to see an executive compliance summary in a familiar system.


Get in touch to find out how our WPA Integration can help you meet your environmental obligations

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