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  • Green forest and river in Tuchola national park, aerial view
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Producer Responsibility

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What is EPR
(Extended Producer Responsibility)?

Extended Producer Responsibility is an environmental protection strategy within the field of waste management, designed to reach the objective of a decreased total environmental impact of a product, by making the manufacturer responsible for the entire life-cycle of the product, covering the take-back, recycling and final disposal.

This strategy has been adopted into legislation across the world including Packaging, WEEE and Batteries compliance (among others) and places the financial onus onto producers to fund recycling initiatives to meet environmental targets.

What are the challenges with EPR Compliance?

A major challenge manufacturers face in complying with EPR is the complexity and extent of the EPR directives and the scope of what is deemed to be obligated.

On top of this, across Europe for example, each member state has varying methods of reporting and funding compliance, such as:

  • Some member states have multiple compliance mechanisms (self-compliance and/or compliance schemes)
  • Each state/scheme has different reporting requirements
  • Varying fee structures
  • Various reporting schedules to adhere to

It can be time consuming and difficult to gather and monitor the information required to be compliant with EPR, especially if your business operates in multiple countries.

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One aspect of producer responsibility is recycling, as described by Compliance Map

Benefits of EPR

When producers face either financial or physical burden of recycling their products at end of life, EPR offers producers an incentive to make better, more sustainable decisions at product design stage, including decisions that make it easier for products to be re-used or recycled at their end of life, effectively reducing producers’ end of life costs.

Several countries have adopted this view on EPR and place a heavier financial burden on producers with difficult to recycle/dispose of goods, as opposed to producers who implement sustainable, recyclable, or recycled content into their products, tying into the overarching goal of a more circular economy.

Compliance Map outlining the benefits of extended producer responsibility

EPR Enforcement

For countries that have a mandatory EPR policy, enforcement of legislation is usually carried out via civil sanctions which can result in heavy fines. In some instances, criminal sanctions can be enforced if civil sanctions fail or are ignored.

How can Compliance Map help with extended producer responsibility compliance?

Here at Compliance Map, we offer expertise, service and software solutions, to help you comply with your EPR obligations by:

  • Automatic requests for collection of data from your supply chain
  • Many forms of EPR compliance can be covered including, packaging, WEEE, battery, oil, paint, textiles, beverages etc
  • Automatic building of EPR reports in the format of your registered scheme, with schemes from all countries are supported.
  • Automatic mapping of sales data from your source systems with product data to produce WEEE reports
  • Compliance Map monitors all of your registered schemes and delivers changes to forms, tariffs, reporting schedules automatically and notifies you of these changes
  • Data Collection Solutions to gather information from your supply chain and merge with SKUs/products for report production
  • Full audit trail from material right through to completed BOM item

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