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Supply Audit Management

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Supply Audit Management with Compliance Map

How can we help with your supply audit management?

Supply chain audits provide vital information to verify the well being of your suppliers’ and factories’ employees, conformity to regulatory standards, and help improve your supply chain performance. The design and execution of audits can be resource intensive in the absence of a robust workflow to manage and automate risk assessments, audit findings, and Non Conformity (NC) Corrective Actions.

The Compliance Map platform allows users to track Audits, Assessments, Risk ratings and NC workflows following the standard RBA methodology or through custom checklists and surveys. API integrations with the RBA allows for the download and synchronizations of VAP audits and SAQs as well as interfaces with data sources to build custom risk ratings.

  • The Compliance Map Supply Audit Management Module provides assistance to:
  • Track all supplier audits ranging from ISO9001, ISO14001 to Responsible Sourcing and Social and Labor rights
  • Each audit workflow can trigger Corrective Action audits and NCs for suppliers and factories to provide feedback. The system will automatically notify the responsible party when information must be uploaded to the system and mark records as overdue
  • Risk assessments can be conducted from NC/Audit history as well as annual or regular supplier surveys. High risk suppliers can trigger restrictions on sourcing
  • RBA integrations allow users to automatically download SAQs and VAP audits to either map to internal audit types or use directly for risk assessments
  • Audit Firms, auditors and investigators can be registered with the tool and provided with checklists to complete audits in a timely and efficient manner
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Watch Responsible Sourcing Audit Management System on-demand webinar to learn how to leverage Compliance Map’s Audit Management System (AMS) software to manage your company’s audit obligations ranging from Asset Management to Responsible Sourcing and Information Security Audits.

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