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Material Chemical and Product Compliance

The Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TSCA)

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The Challenge

The US Toxic Chemicals Control Act addresses the production, import, export, distribution, use and disposal of toxic chemicals. Companies must comply with a range of rules, including the production of hazard and exposure data, issuing of pre-manufacture notices, meeting substance restriction requirements and reporting production volumes and releases. 

Tracking the rules, orders and actions included in the TSCA inventory and producing EPA reports is complex and time consuming. 

How we solve it

As with any regulation or directive, Compliance Map monitors and implements all rules, labelling & reporting standards and chemical lists and actively monitors for any changes. 

Our TSCA module

To help manage TSCA, Compliance Map offers the following features: 

  • Identifies TSCA regulatory flags in your products, components, materials and chemicals
  • Produces tonnage reports for Section 8a Chemical Data Reporting rule
  • Produces bespoke TSCA 6h declarations for Persistent, Bio-accumulative and Toxic chemicals (PBTs)
  • Generates positive (comply with TSCA) or negative (not subject to TSCA) certificates as applicable for imported chemicals

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