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compliance software

Material Chemical & Product Compliance

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+44 (0) 1869 255758

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+1 (800) 450 2403

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We help you manage and automate your due diligence obligations arising from Global RoHS, REACH, POPs, PFAS, TSCA, CLP, Prop65 and much more.

How can we help?

The Compliance Map platform enables the communication necessary to gather and distribute compliance information automatically. Reports and forms can be proactively published and disseminated quickly and efficiently to allow you to comply with any quick turnaround or immediate notification obligations you may face.

To determine compliance with the various chemical restriction regulations impacting your organisation, the Compliance Map platform provides real-time verdicts that calculate the concentration of chemicals within your products and rolls-up the material, subpart, part and article concentration limits exceeded within your Bill of Materials.

  • Support for building your own substance tracking lists and automatically request suppliers to respond to your list in addition to any industry or regulatory standards
  • Support for Supplier Portals and End-points to allow your suppliers to log on to a secure landing page of Compliance Map and upload their declarations
  • Email workflows to automate both the publication of requests and acceptance of responses. Compliance Map Enterprise monitors specific mailboxes to review and import any returned forms it finds. Reminders and escalations are triggered as certain intervals in the event of non-responses
  • Support for automatic validation and processing of industry standards such as IPC1752A/B and IEC62474 FMD material declarations, IPC1753 (Lab Testing), chemSherpa, and much more.
  • Automatic building, populating and publication of customer reporting formats, such as IBM, HP, etc...
  • Clean supplier lists - Master/slave supplier relationships are managed within the solution to build a clean and concise supplier communication list to eliminate duplication and increase accuracy
  • Supplier collateral storage and automatic communication / audit trail - All documentation and collateral communicated can be stored and recorded for auditing within the Compliance Map staging area. This enables due diligence processes and helps embed the system into your existing business processes

Compliance Map Enterprise

Supply Chain Management

Supplier lists are mirrored from your source system automatically and communications/ compliance status managed per supplier

BOM Verdict Management

Compliance Map interfaces with your EPR/PLM system to roll-up compliance indicators to provide an executive summary of your compliance status


Automatic reporting to Packaging, WEEE, Battery, Paint, Oil and Beverage schemes are supported with reminders and access to a compliance calendar for support

Compliance Map Enterprise


Automatic reporting to regulatory authorities or customers is supported such as distributing IPC1752B, IPC1752A forms, IEC 62474, CMRTs, IPC1753s, China RoHS Hazmat labelling, etc.

Data Collection

Automatically publish requests to suppliers, receive responses through emails/ portals and trigger escalations

Conflict Minerals

Compliance Map adopts the RMI methodology and supports the data gathering of smelters, associations to suppliers and reporting via the CMRT

Substance Control

All substance control legislation such as Global RoHS and REACH are managed and flagged for all of your parts and products

Hosting options for Compliance Map Enterprise


Compliance Map can host your instance of the solution on our cloud based platform offering web services and other system-system intergration options.

On premise

Compliance Map Enterprise can be installed on your own systems and will interface to your internal EPR/PLM solutions such as Oracle/Agile, PTC, SAP

Get in touch to find out how our Chemical, Material & Product Compliance software can help you meet your environmental obligations

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US: +1 (800) 450 2403 /