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Regulatory Compliance Outsourcing

EMEA sales & customer support

+44 (0) 1869 255758

US sales & customer support

+1 (800) 450 2403

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Our environmental compliance and supply chain solutions help to outsource your data gathering or regulatory obligation requirements

Compliance Map offers either Project based compliance outsourcing involving a period of data collection, supply chain and project management ending in reporting, analysis and  data synchronisation

How can we help?

We offer the full suite of outsourcing your entire environmental compliance obligations, leveraging our Cloud SaaS solution to satisfy your range of requirements.

  • Full Conflict Minerals supplier survey management using the RMI CMRT/EMRT, smelter validation and report production at the end of a campaign
  • Full Material Disclosure (FMD) and Declaration of Conformity data gathering for substance control regulations, taking advantage of our automated solutions for supplier portals and email workflows (URL to Data Collection page)
  • Supply education and training sessions to enlist buy-in and the best possible response for your data gathering campaigns
  • Full validation of supply chain responses, follow-up actions with a robust due diligence process
  • Regulatory and customer report production at the end of a project or campaign to respond to any material declaration or corporate enquiries
  • Full data dump and audit trial reports on campaign close out for project based outsourcing
  • Specialised management for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Battery, WEEE and Packaging reporting including packaging data gathering, Sales integration and monthly report production and publication using our cloud SaaS service

Get in touch to find out how our Regulatory Compliance Outsourcing can help you meet your environmental obligations

EMEA: +44 (0) 1869 255758 /
US: +1 (800) 450 2403 /