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EPR (WEEE, Packaging, Battery, Oil, Beverage & Paint) Solution Guide

What is the challenge?

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) strategy is to associate environmental impacts of products in each stage of their lifecycle from cradle to grave and aims to reduce both the environmental and societal effects of product waste and packaging. Global Packaging, WEEE and Battery directives concern the identification of this waste placed on the market and through reporting and fee paying of this waste, fund recycling initiatives to meet environmental targets.

A major challenge to complying with EPR directives is that each state and scheme has different tariffs, reporting requirements, fee structures and schedules to comply against.

Why choose us Why choose us

To reduce the significant cost and resources of managing EPR obligations, Compliance Map Enterprise offers a robust and automatic solution to build and publish scheme reports each month, quarter and year of the waste placed on the market with little to no user intervention needed. Combined with our Data Exchange solutions, Compliance Map provides you with a complete product environmental compliance solution.

Features of our Product Environmental Compliance EPR module include:

  • Automatic building of WEEE / Packaging / Battery / Oil / Paint / Beverage reports in the format of your registered scheme. Schemes from all countries are supported from Stewardship Ontario to Eco-Emballages.
  • Automatic mapping of sales data from your source systems with product data to produce WEEE reports
  • Compliance Map monitors all of your registered schemes and delivers changes to forms, tariffs, reporting schedules automatically and notifies you of these changes
  • Data Collection Solutions to gather packaging information from your supply chain and merge with SKUs/products for report production

To find out how Compliance Map can help you comply with EPR, book a demo today.

Sales mirroring
Automatic Report production of tonnage and cost of waste to publish to schemes
Packaging data gathering