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China RoHS2 regulation finalized

16th Feb 2016

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China RoHS2 expands the scope of the legislation from electronic information products to electrical and electronic products, which is consistent with EU RoHS. These are defined as devices and accessory products functioning by means of electric current or electromagnetic fields with a voltage rating not exceeding 1,000 volts for alternating current and 1,500 volts for direct current. A catalogue of electrical and electronic products falling under scope of China RoHS2 will be released.

Products listed in the catalogue are subject to substance thresholds for the six original EU RoHS substances. The maximum concentration by weight at homogenous material level is 0.1% for mercury, lead, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers and 0.01% for cadmium. Conformity assessment is also required, which must include testing by a third party laboratory.

However, all electrical and electrical products sold in China must be marked with a logo indicating whether they contain any hazardous substances.

China RoHS Logos

The green logo indicates that the product does not contain hazardous substances above the thresholds and that it is an environmentally-friendly product which can be recycled and reused. The orange logo indicates that the product contains hazardous substances above the thresholds and an environmentally friendly use period must be indicated. This is the number of years during which the hazardous substances will not leak, mutate or cause pollution or harm under normal use. The date of manufacture must also be indicated which is the effective start date of the environmentally friendly use period.

In addition, the product instruction manual must contain the names and content of the hazardous substances. A list of parts and substances are provided in a table and marked with either an “O” to indicate that a substance is below the threshold or an “X” to indicate that it is above.

  Hazardous Substances
Name of part Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd) (Cr 6) (PBB) (PBDE)
Part 1 O O O O O O
Part 2 O X O O O O
Part 3 X O O O O O

* – Note: All text must appear in Chinese

Companies manufacturing or distributing electronic and electronic equipment in China should ensure that they have a compliance system in place to manage the requirements of China RoHS2 and should follow legislative developments, particularly in relation to the publication of the product catalogue.

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