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Free ComplianceBuilder simplifies IPC/IEC form completion and submission

20th Sep 2016

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  • Save hours of administration time with free online tool
  • Multi-format support simplifies compliance form completion

The Compliance Map, a developer of supply chain and environmental compliance software solutions, has launched a brand new free material content IPC / IEC form builder at

ComplianceBuilder users in industries such as electronics, manufacturing, and medical devices can now automate IEC 62474 and IPC 1752A disclosure forms, which are the most common material declarations for products.

The tool is designed to simplify compliance for small to medium sized businesses, helping mitigate the headache of complex and costly form-filling requirements when generating Full Material Disclosures (FMDs) and Negative Disclosures.

Vital regulations about substance restriction and reporting, such as REACH, RoHS, and Prop 65, require companies to collect and understand the chemical composition and compliance of parts used in all the products they manufacture. Companies will always favour the receipt of more information than less, particularly due to the ever changing nature of these regulations, such as the recurrent update of the Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list. FMDs provide many benefits over simple Certificates of Conformity (CoC) or Material Summary declarations, such as reducing the burden of continual collection of data. However, the compilation and production of FMDs can be challenging.

The ComplianceBuilder tool enables easy, transparent tracking and reporting of the composition of products, and can generate FMD compliance documents in less than two minutes.

Responding to end-customer requests for information is demanding, as each may request data in different forms and formats, consuming time and resources, particularly when compiling an FMD response. Whilst industry standards are available, their native XML machine-to-machine format makes it difficult to visualise a declaration in a human, friendly way.    

ComplianceBuilder natively supports the production of the XML standards and builds these declarations as a human readable PDF form. With full support for all classes of declarations from Full Material Disclosures, to Negative Disclosures and Query List CoCs, responses can be built effortlessly.

Upon login to ComplianceBuilder, users can easily set up and build any class of declaration, supply material content information by simple 'copy and paste', and generate an outbound form in seconds. Users can also share declarations with customers or other recipients through a simple 'share' link.

Anthony Delengaigne, Director, Implementation Services, The Compliance Map, commented on the launch: “The demand for our automated compliance tools has increased exponentially over the last 18 months, so we decided to share our expertise and by making available for free.

“There are many methods to communicate material compliance, each of which requires a bespoke approach – ComplianceBuilder aims to streamline the process of responding to requests for data, whilst adhering to industry standards.

“This service will help many companies by removing the need for manual entry of information, saving significant time and resources.”



About The Compliance Map


The Compliance Map creates supply chain management and environmental compliance solutions and offers services suited to any organisation size (from SME to large corporations). Our 20+ years in the arena of environmental compliance has been fed into our software solutions, creating a holistic approach to managing obligations businesses face in today’s regulatory climate. We understand the fast paced nature of regulation and seek to make our services part of your core competency and competitive edge.

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