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ECHA consults on adding eight substances to the REACH authorisation list

4th Feb 2022

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Comments are invited on the use of the proposed substances. The consultation closes on 2 May 2022.

Substance CAS Toxicity Use
Lead 7439-92-1 Toxic for reproduction Batteries production, cable sheathing, soldering, production of different parts of vehicles, machines, furniture
Ethylenediamine 107-15-3 Respiratory sensitising properties Process chemical
2-(4-tertbutylbenzyl) propionaldehyde and its individual stereoisomers Toxic for reproduction Fragrance
Glutaral 111-30-8 Respiratory sensitising properties Leather tanning, cleaning agent, use in polymers, X-ray film developer
2-methyl-1-(4- methylthiophenyl )-2- morpholinopropa n-1-one 71868-10-5 Toxic for reproduction Photoinitiator in UV-curable coatings, inks and adhesives
2-benzyl-2- dimethylamino-4′- morpholinobutyr ophenone 119313-12-1 Toxic for reproduction Photoinitiator in UV-curable coatings, inks and adhesives
Diisohexyl phthalate 71850-09-4 Toxic for reproduction
Orthoboric acid, sodium salt 13840-56-7 Toxic for reproduction


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