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Compliance Map launches forced labour and human trafficking module

10th Jun 2016

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The Compliance Map, a developer of supply chain and environmental compliance software solutions, has launched a brand new product – the Supply Chain Transparency Module – which is designed to help industry combat forced labour and human trafficking.


Regulations such as the 'California Transparency in Supply Chains Act' (SB 657) and the 'Modern Slavery Act 2015' places the onus on companies to report on their actions to ensure no actor in their supply chain uses forced labour. Additionally, whilst there is growing public concern for human rights and a recognition of the importance that industry can play in eradicating slavery and human trafficking, there are few simple, scalable software solutions available to help businesses deliver on their commitments. Querying the supply chain, developing surveys, identifying risks and building assessments to perform their due diligence is resource intensive and time consuming if performed manually.


The Supply Chain Transparency Module is specifically designed to help reduce the burden of compliance, improve accuracy and demonstrate due diligence, all whilst building trust and meeting customer expectations by:


Initiating regular audits of the supply chain using tailored workflows and campaigns, which automate all aspects of the communication process. Reminders, escalations and survey building is all controlled through a single, easy-to-use dashboard.
Identifying risk areas and building risk assessments. For example, a 'Risk Profile' of a supplier or range of suppliers can be created, and based on the designation provided, a 'Risk Assessment' is automatically created. Factors such as the supplier location, types of commodities shipped and results from surveys help determine a high or low risk. Using these results further audits and inspections can be carried out. Providing a traceable, transparent audit trail for reporting and demonstrating steps taken to maintain an ethical supply chain.



Supply Chain Transparency joins the growing Compliance Map platform with solutions such as Conflict Minerals management, Material Compliance, Waste Compliance and Supply Chain Investigation, providing a holistic one stop shop for all environmental compliance and supply chain requirements.


As with every other module in the Compliance Map solution, the underlying ethos is to provide an auditable, automated and business driven solution to demonstrate compliance effectively and intuitively whilst building trust and a competitive advantage within the supply chain.


“It has become imperative that business takes a proactive rather than reactive approach to ensure that not only their employees, but all actors in their supply chain are educated in understanding the impacts of human trafficking and to take responsible actions to eliminate it,” adds Anthony Delengaigne Director, Implementation Services, The Compliance Map.


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ITI & IPC Conference on Emerging & Critical Environmental Product Requirements on 6 – 10 June across the US.

Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Transparency on 21 – 23 June 2016 in Chicago


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