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2020 EU Timber Regulation reports published

13th May 2021

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Regulation 995/2010  requires EU traders to exercise due diligence to ensure that illegally harvested timber and timber products are not placed on the EU Market.

Five Member States (Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden) have provided information to the Commission to date. Information includes the number of inspections undertaken, which varies considerably between Member States (e.g.34 in the Netherlands compared with 2,536 in Bulgaria), and enforcement information. The reports show that Sweden has a maximum penalty of 6 months imprisonment and Netherlands imposes fines of between 100,000 and 163,000 Euros, however, the enforcement action undertaken may be considerably weaker. For example, Ireland issued 5 remedial action letters in the year for non-conformity with due diligence which were subsequently resolved by the timber importers.

The reports table will be updated as more reports come available.

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