Services ERP/PLM Integration

Compliance Map Enterprise supports real-time interfaces with all major PLM and ERP solutions. To enable the roll-up of compliance verdicts and reporting to customers, agencies, and schemes, data such as Part/BOM/AML/Suppliers and Sales can be pulled by Compliance Map with ease. The results of calculations and roll-ups can also be sent back to your PLM automatically if your engineers wish to see an executive compliance summary in a familiar system.

If you do not have a source system with the data necessary to push to a compliance system, don't  worry, Compliance Map can also run without and independent of a PLM or ERP system.

Compliance Verdicts, Reports and collateral

ERP/PLM Integration

To support seamless and automatic roll-up of verdicts, reporting, campaign management and supply chain activities, Compliance Map offers integrators to all major PLM and ERP such as Oracle/Agile, PTC, SAP, PCP, Sage and many more.

ERP/PLM & Warehousing Systems
Product, BOM , Part, AML/AVL and Supplier information

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