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Track and manage your supply chain ... through a compliance lens

Supply Chain Management is at the heart of regulatory compliance, requiring a collaborative and simplified approach to both extract and add the required value to meet regulatory obligations. Compliance Map goes above and beyond in supply chain interaction and analysis, allowing you to leverage analytics to evaluate the state, performance, gaps and risks in your supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Assessor and Management solution offers:

  • Visual relationship management through plotting of your global supply chain onto the compliance map, identifying risks and interactions through overlays
  • Manage supplier relationships and communicate forms, reports and questionnaires for automated processing
  • Overlay of mapping elements such as current events, natural disasters to identify potential breaks and disruption in your supply base
  • A Governance module to establish corporate policies and communicate them clearly and effectively to your stakeholders
  • Scorecarding to benchmark and measure your suppliers using any performance metric you deem appropriate.

Philippines natural disaster:

  • Extreme Risk
  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk
Philippines natural disaster

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