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As part of the substance control engine of Compliance Map Enterprise, REACH verdicts are calculated from the SVHC, Registry of Intent and Proposed list of SVHCs to give you an accurate view of your REACH obligations and potential risk areas.

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Compliance Map monitors any changes by ECHA to the SVHC lists ensuring that your instance of Compliance Map Enterprise is up-to-date and always reflects the latest state of a regulation. Some of the features of the REACH module include:

  • SVHC management: Every substance list provided by ECHA is monitored and kept up-to-date automatically when changes are detected so you don’t have to manually supervise updates
  • The system tracks SVHCs and determines whether a chemical is above .1% w/w of an article automatically and notifies users of any changes
  • The Data Exchange and Collection module complements our REACH offering by facilitating the gathering of REACH data automatically through email workflows, portals and system-to-system integrations
  • Full support for industry standard material declarations (such as IPC1752A, IEC 62474) as well as custom forms
  • When gathering material declarations, Compliance Map Enterprise will track the quality of data provided and flag high risk parts for renewed data gathering on the introduction of new SVHCs 
  • To meet your obligations under REACH, Compliance Map Enterprise offers comprehensive notification reporting services and publication to a customer portal so you remain proactive in offering updated material declarations