PEC Modules Prop 65 Compliance Monitoring

What is the challenge?

Any company selling to or within the state of California must ensure compliance with Proposition 65, which regulates more than 800 chemicals by their type of toxicity. Companies from a broad spectrum of industries are affected and must ensure proper warning labels if a listed chemical is present. Avoiding the costs of non-compliance, whose penalties can be high, along with the negative expose is of the utmost importance.

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Why choose us Why choose us

As with many substance reporting or control regulations, implementation of due diligence in your systems and business processes is a necessity. Compliance Map Enterprise provides a clear audit trail to demonstrate the steps taken to identify, collect and report on the chemicals contained in your products. Features inherit in the substance & chemical management portion of the solution include:

  • Collection of material substance data from your supply chain using the Data Exchange management tool set
  • Identification of Prop65 chemicals contained in your products and BOM structures
  • Automatic production of forms and warning labels to accompany your product to market
  • Compliance Map monitors any changes to the list and automatically pushes changes to your instance of the solution so you always remain up-to-date.