PEC Modules North America Chemical Compliance

What is the challenge?

Bringing a product to market and remaining compliant in the face of changing provisions and substance lists is particularly challenging. The various list of chemicals, thresholds and specific uses that require tracking and comparing to your products can be a time intensive and complex task. Compliance Map Enterprise helps to take your product to market with confidence in your compliance state, effectively demonstrate due diligence and ensure your product remains compliant.

North America Chemical Compliance

Why choose us Why choose us

Compliance Map offers support to collect, track and managing a variety of North American Substance Control and reporting legislation, including:

  • California RoHS
  • TSCA
  • Canada Challenge List
  • Canada Mercury Regulation

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Features of our solutions to help manage the obligations arising from these regulations include:

  • An executive summary view of your products and compliance verdicts for each regulation
  • Real-time bi-directional integration with your ERP/PLM system to mirror your product data and return compliance flags to your source systems as the verdict indicators for each regulation are rolled-up
  • A comprehensive ‘What-If’ analysis reporting to help identify risk areas in the event new chemicals are restricted or added for reporting, allowing you to forecast which of your products may be affected
  • Data collection in the form of Declarations of Conformity or Material Disclosures to be able to demonstrate compliance and support your due diligence effort
  • Publish outbound reports to your customers in either industry standard formats, your customer’s formats or your own custom Declaration form