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The Compliance Map Enterprise engine is designed from the ground up to collect, calculate and report the state of compliance at every level of the BOM and alert of any changes caused by changes to exemption lists / expirations or new/updated material data from suppliers. Compliance Map Enterprise includes features such as:

  • Support for RoHS2 provisions in automatically building technical documentation with future proofing support for the 4 phthalates to be introduced in 2019
  • Roll-up of RoHS compliance verdicts including EU exemptions to act as your compliance engine
  • RoHS Compliance verdicts set against all rows of your Bill Of Materials mirrored from your PLM/ERP system
  • Track exemption usage and expirations due through the regulatory dashboard calendar
  • Subscribed notifications to alert you of expiring exemptions claimed on your parts and changes to compliance flags
  • Centralised management of all RoHS variants (such as Eu RoHS, China RoHS including the EFUP, India RoHS, and so on).
  • Collateral collection, flagging and auditing
  • Bi-directional interface with your ERP/PLM to send back calculated verdict results to your source systems in real-time
  • Report, label and form production such as the automatic building of IPC1752A material declaration forms, IEC 62474 forms, IPC 1753 lab test reporting documents and China RoHS Hazmat labels

and many more...

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