PEC Modules CLP & GHS Compliance Software

What is the challenge?

The Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulation was introduced to standardise classification and labelling across Europe based on the GHS standard. Conversion to the new labelling standard can be costly and time intensive whether you import or manufacture your own chemicals or mixtures.

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Why choose us Why choose us

As with any regulation or directive, Compliance Map monitors and implements all rules, labelling & reporting standards and chemical lists and actively monitors for any changes. To help manage CLP, Compliance offers the following features:

  • Compliance Map tracks Annex VI through the CLP inventory and facilitates the roll-up of verdicts (visual indicators) to denote CMRs and other chemicals present in your preparations, mixtures and articles
  • Classifications, signal words, statement codes and hazard labels are tracked and maintained in the Compliance Map system to allow for the production of labelling and forms in the layout stipulated by CLP 
  • CMRs from Annex VI are rolled-up in their own presence verdict based on harmonised classification
  • ‘Self-classified’ classification support for chemicals and mixtures/preparations
  • Centralised repository of all SDS and Extended Safety Datasheets