PEC Modules GADSL Compliance Monitoring

What is the challenge?

The Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) was created as a voluntary initiative to meet objectives concerning the information flow within the automotive supply chain, particularly the declaration of certain substances and their use within automotive parts. GADSL has become the company specific list for material declarations for automotive parts.

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Why choose us Why choose us

Compliance Map offers solutions to both gather declarations based on the GADSL substance list and report against it for customer requests for information. All information gathered is referenced against GADSL to facilitate the roll-up of indicators. Features of the GADSL module include:

  • Verdicts to track GADSL substances present within your parts, assemblies and products that are regulated or for assessment/information only
  • Changes to the GADSL list are monitored by Compliance Map with new substances automatically added to your Compliance Map Enterprise instance
  • Forms and reports can be built automatically to declare GADSL substances for publication to customers by email or uploaded to a Customer Portal